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Zakir Khan – Indian Stand-up Comedian -Biography on National Biography Channel

Zakir Khan – Indian Stand-up Comedian 

Zakir Khan was born on the 20th of August, 1987 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh where his grandfather moved to from Rajasthan. Khan’s zodiac sign is Leo, and he is currently 29 years old.


Zakir was born to Ismail Khan and Kulsum Khan. His father, Ismail Khan, is a music teacher at St. Raphael’s School, Indore. His mother is a homemaker. Zakir’s grandfather, Ustad Moinuddin Khan, was a musician. Zakir has two brothers- Zeeshan Khan, who is the lead singer at Malang- a music band, and Arbaaz Khan, who is a student.


Zakir loves playing Sitar. He likes singing and composing songs.

In conversation with Chaaipani, Zakir says that he was bullied as a child. He was made fun of very often for his complexion and appearance. He explains that these incidents made him bold and humor became his shield. According to Zakir, one should wear his individuality as a badge and not a baggage.


 Zakir has a diploma in Sitar. He was pursuing B.Com but he dropped out of the college midway. This is what he had to say about this:

    Yaar , college mein rehne ka koi matlab nahi tha. Classes hum attend karte nahi the, aur degree se jyada apni khwahisho se pyaar tha



 Zakir wanted to become a Radio producer for which he moved to Delhi. He did a radio programming at ARSL for a year and then shifted to Jaipur in 2009 for an internship. Delhi made him feel out of place and alienated. Dropping out of college and pursuing a career in Radio was challenging and was called into question by his family. So, in order to cope up with the mounting tension, Zakir stopped taking money from his family. He lied about having a job. He would do odd jobs to keep himself going. When he was leaving Jaipur, he didn’t have money to pay the rent but God bless the landlord who wrote it off and even offered money to Zakir to travel back. In his conversation with chaaipani, Zakir recalls

I have always had the pleasure of meeting and being close to some of the most amazing people in life. The ones that taught me how to add life in my years. The first was my dad and then a long string of amazing human beings followed and I couldn’t be thankful enough.

Zakir’s knowledge of Sitar would help him keep himself fed when he came back to Delhi. He shared the room with Vishwas, and they lived like a family, sharing the money they earned to help each other. These were the years when Zakir explored himself and tried to make use of every possible skill that he possessed. He did theater, Radio and also performed for AIR. He built himself and his growth chart was so impressive that he started to receive offer letters from all the companies that had rejected him before. But, Zakir never worked for those companies for they had questioned his skills. He eventually ended up working for HT Radio where he hadn’t applied before.


His roommate Vishwas encouraged Zakir to do open mics in Delhi. That’s how it started, Khan would perform in cafes and people would like his jokes. All of Khan’s performances would end up in standing ovations. People would keep attending his shows even when they were familiar with his jokes because it wasn’t just about his jokes, it was how he delivered it. There was an honesty in his performance that people could relate with. Later, he was called to Mumbai to write for a news comedy show- On Air with AIB.
Zakir rose to popularity when he won the India’s best Standup Comedian competition organized by Comedy Central in 2012



In 2015, Zakir co-hosted and wrote 'On Air with AIB', a news comedy show, with Tanmay Bhat and Gurusimran Khamba from the Indian comedy group, All India Bakchod. The show was broadcast on national television channel Star World, India.

Zakir also co-hosted The 5th Annual Golden Kela Awards and has shared the stage with other famous comedians like Vir Das