Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The frustrated Engineer Success Story- Biography on India's Fastest growing Facebook page- National Biography Channel

(November 2013 - Present)

* Creator/Founder at The Frustrated Engineer : Rajendra Rathore
Birthdate : 21 Sept ,1993
Hometown : Taranagar,rajsthan,India
Lives in Jaipur,rajsthan
Studied Mechanical Engineering at NIT Trichy

Success story of "The frustrated Engineer"

Imagine you are stuck in a position like having your exam the next day and your conscience is blaming you for not studying the entire semester. With a pressure like that, we know you turn to online portals and pages that can assist you. We do that too. Well, this is where this Facebook page comes to rescue you. Your Online dose of joint-The Frustrated Engineer.

 Trust me If you are an engineer ,This is your place  "

With over 1 million+ followers, "TFE" aka The Frustrated Engineer has become a recognized brand page on Facebook for students all over India who deal with a lot of stress every single day.

Journey of The Frustrated Engineer

The founders Rajendra Rathore (Mechanical, NIT Trichy) and co-founder Rohit Bhardwaj (Mechanical, IIIT Jabalpur) have spent nights together creating quality posts relatable to students all over India. Three more pillars joined in later in 2016. 

Anant Bhardwaj, the youngest of all from Meerut, a first year ECE student at Manipal Institute of Technology is a Christmas present full of talent. Nilay Paul who's working in an MNC, having a passion for Filmmaking and has been contributing for TFE for a long time, despite having a busy office schedule. He has taken a keen in interest in entertaining people with all his Creativity. Harshit Shrivastava, a 3rd year IT student from LNCT Bhopal , a young talent who wants to become a stand-up comedian in future and does not want to end up in a cubicle working 9 to 5.

They work on the motto :
"  Divided by Universities ,United by Tfe  "

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Email : rajrathore575@gmail.com

SOURCE : wittyfeed , ThefrustratedEngineer