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Harsh Beniwal (Dilli ke launde) - Hasley India - National Biography Channel

Harsh Beniwal  (Dilli ke launde) - Hasley India - National Biography Channel

Harsh Beniwal

Born: 13 Feb 1996
Age : 21
Birthplace : Pitampura , New Delhi

Harsh Beniwal is a Delhi based Actor and Viner, who is known to have the whopping 1.1M followers over the social media photo sharing platform called Instagram apart from being known as one of the fastest growing viners in India.


He completed his education from the national capital itself. He went to Delhi University to his graduation in Arts from Shri Aurobindo College, South campus.Currently, he is pursuing his BCA apart from managing his passions with a perfect balance.


Beniwal started his online career in 2015, uploading his first vine to Instagram. By 2015 he was releasing videos via Dubsmash and Facebook that were well received initially but quickly lost popularity.His Instagram channel in particular is well known for the Vine style videos he posts there.


Instagram has been the most successful platform for Beniwal’s videos. He has made more than 362 posts to his account, almost all videos and has more than 1.1Million followers. Many clips have over 1.1M views and thousands of comments.


Beniwal’s YouTube channel has nearly 465,530 subscribers and many videos with more than 1M views giving a total of over 31.2M views. Beniwal often collaborates with other similar channels including Screen Patti, TheComedyHunt, Rishhome, and Hasley India. He has currently uploaded over 90 videos to his own channel.


His videos are almost always in a comic style and feature content about family and relationship situations in an Indian context.


Hasley India

In September 2015, Beniwal created a new YouTube channel called ‘Hasley India’ which hosts comedy and prank style videos. It’s first video in July 2016 was titled ‘Hasley India Channel Teaser’ and featured a preview of an upcoming clip. So far 16 videos in total have been posted to the channel including ‘The prank song & Sabse bada moh - India vs pakistan’ which has over 900K views views and ‘Every brother & Sister’ which is the channels most popular with more than 2.5 Million views. The channel has been popular with over 246,600 subscribers and more than 9.8 M views in total.


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