Thursday, 22 June 2017

Amit bhadana (Viner) Biography on National Biography Channel

Amit bhadana (viner) 

Amit bhadana Biography on National Biography Channel


Birthdate : 7 Sept 1994
Hometown : He is from johripur, delhi
Schooling : He studied from a school in yamuna vihar
Education : after completing graduation studying for laws

From childhood amit bhadana is that type of guy in class who passes comments to class frnds.. who cracks jokes for laughing all the class..Amit bhadana is fond of laughing others thats why he always cracks jokes in front of anyone. He cracks jokes for laughing others..


After completing graduation He start studying for laws.. In his vacation of 1 st year he just dubsmash a video and upload it on his Facebook id.. this was just only as a regular post uploaded on his Facebook profile.. but after this dubsmash he noticed that people like this video a very good comments on them.. then his friends recompensed him to make some more videos like this.. For good comments & response of his friends amit bhadana has made so more videos like that dubsmash that he was uploaded on the facebook before...
Amit bhadana now made a facebook page by his name and uploaded his videos not regular basis but upload his video when he made a new one... In inspite of this his some dubbing was gonna viral and he gained a very good response on his voice of dubbing...
His dubbing on border film has viewed more than 3Millions.. This inspire him to do something big..


He does not want to stop his "Udan" of success.. he was not very much satisfied in this small fame, then his friend suggested him to make vines video... But amit bhadana was shy to show his face on his video.. but his friends motivated him to do vines video with his own face then finally he stepped for his first vine video for his Facebook page .. he was thinking to do something unique in his video that make him someone unique from all viners.. then he choose hi Gujari language for his video and made a vine video in gujari language.. He got a very good response after this video.. then he made some more funny videos and upload it on his Facebook page.. now amit bhadana was recognised by his vines videos on social media.. then some neighbours has suggested him not to do this.. you should have to focus on your carrer and studies of your law and get settled.. this vines have no carrer..
Now amit bhadana have 2 choices did he want to get a good job after completing law or he want to do some more vines video for his passion.. in this 2 carrer he chooses his passion of doing vines Video.. now after he was just a fully devoted viner.. he was doing everything just alone scripting,writing,dialogues,editing everything by his own.. after this fully devoted video his facebook page growth has been noticed by him...


After this fame and his good image in funny videos catogrie.. every upload crosses millions views gone viral in funny videos catogrie... 

The main reason of his success is he uses a very good dialogue in his video in his own gujari language and dialogue delivery is also owesome..

His famous dialogue is

" Tere bhai ne kar di hai zym shuru , jisko chahun usko lapet dun"

This dialogue is very popular in every age group and his popularity is growing day by day on social media..


In present day he has 666K likes on his official facebook page and 712K followers on his page

On his youtube channel he has 206K subscriber in just a 3 months.. amit bhadana channel is the one of fastest growing youtube channel in funny videos catogrie, and total views is more than 15 millions+ 

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